Thank you Olga for showing us your artwork
I found it fresh and alive with a vibrancy of its own, which stands out in a crowd.
Amanda (submitted through www.absoluteart.com)

I find your work fascinating. Do you ever show in San Diego or LA? Are there more of your pieces online somewhere? Thanks, and the best of luck to you.
Jake Finnell.

I love absdivact art, and your paintings are really mesmerizing I could stare at some of them for hours from what I have seen of them from your website. I am not going to act like I am the worlds foremost expert on art, but I know really good stuff when I see it. You are really talented, but I am sure you are told that all time. :) I would love to buy one or more of your paintings, but I am sure I would not be able to afford them. Even so, I still appreciate your work and wish you the best. I hope you continue to paint so I can continue to be amazed and appreciate what you do.

I really enjoyed your website, you have an amazing gift for your work and hope to see some in Alaska some time. Thank you for your website, it is great.
Molly Andrews.

This is one of the most talented artist I have seen in years, very good work. I am an artist and your work is very inspirational. Our styles are somewhat alike and it is good to see that some can become successful in this very competitive art world. I think very highly of your work.
Eric Touchette.

Dear Olga,
I like your work. Very, very impressive! Keep up the good work. Take good care of yourself.
Emily Chen.

I am totally inspired by your work! I have recently discovered a style of my own and have started creating more than ever and can’t get enough. Every bit of art I see inspires me more. Your style, colors and feeling is exactly what I respond to most and I am very glad that I found it. I was also very amazed to learn that you live? and have exhibits in the Denver area. I have been in Denver now for nearly 7 years and I am just starting to familiarize myself with the creative community online and in person. I’d love to learn a bit more about you if you are not to busy to shoot me a quick email.
Jonathan R. Howie

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