Intermountain Jewish News – Twelve year old artist has exibit (May 14, 1993)

A reception for twelve-year-old Olga Kaydanov, who will exhibit new paintings and drawings at Philip J. Steele Gallery, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, is scheduled May 14, 6-9 pm, at 6875 E.Evans Ave. The exhibit runs May 14-June2.

Olga was born in Russia on Feb. 22, 1981. At the age of five and the half, she worked in the studio of Richard May, a prominent painter. Under the artist’s influence, Olga’s talents were nurtured and encouraged.

Now 12, Olga’s exhibition record is already extemsive. Her works were shown in the Cendival Museum of Belorussia and later she exhibited in Poland, India, and Mosambique. In May 1990, paintings remaining in Russia, were shown at the prestigious Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow.

In 1989, Olga and her family immigrated to the US. Her first solo exhibition was presented at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 1990. The artist’s work has also been exhibited at JCC and DU’s Driscoll Center. Olga work is also presented in private collections in the Denver area.

Her art displays and unusual combination of freshness of a child and the maturity of the accomplished artist.

Using a full palette of high key colors, Olga presents a vivid world of fantasies through landscapes, images of the city, figures and animals.

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