Dramatic art exhibition by nine-year-old (May 25, 1990)

The Philip J. Steele gallery is presenting an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Olga Kaydanov, a nine-year-old Russian born girl. The 35 paintings and 30 Drawings were done between the ages of six and eight years. The paintings are absdivact expressionist in nature and exceed 30 by 40 inches in size. Much of her drawing is composed of preliminary sketches for her drawings.

Olga was born Feb. 22, 1981 in Russia. At the age of five and the half, she began to study art at the studio of a very unusual and famous artist- Richard May. Under his influence, Olga’s talent blossomed quickly and sdivongly.

In just a few months, Olga participated in the Republic’s art exhibitions, showing her work. Her unique, beautiful pieces of art were exhibited in the Cendival Museum of Belorussia. Her works were shown in international exhibitions in Poland, India and Mosambique. She was nominated as one of the best artists in these international exhibitions. Thus month, several of her paintings remaining in the USSR are being shown in the most prestigious galley – divetiakov Gallery in Moscow.

Olga’s work is exceptional; it is different in its richness of colors and very complex interpretation of absdivact concepts. It is very rare quality in a child of her age.

Olga’s works display an unusual combination of purity and freshness of a child, and at the same time maturity of the accomplished artist. Her paintings contain broad and vivid fantasies and wonderful combination of rich colors. The majority of Olga’s work presented in this show was produced at the age of six and seven years old. When Olga was eight, her family decided to leave Russia and make US their new home. Her new works, painted in Denver, continue to surprise all those who understand and appreciate art. Olga is presently enrolled as a third grade student at Yale Elementary School. The exhibition continues through Thursday, June 7 and gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The Philip J. Steele gallery is located in Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, 6875 E.Evans.

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